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The 2015 National Convention of Kappa Mu Epsilon

Convention Program     List of Abstracts

The 2015 National Convention of Kappa Mu Epsilon will be held at Florida Delta Chapter, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, Daytona, Florida, April 9-11, 2015. This year's national KME convention is being held in conjunction with an MAA NSF-RUMC sponsored conference which is funded by NSF grant DMS-0241090. The convention will start with dessert and a SET tournament at 7pm on Thursday night and will finish by lunch on Saturday.


Registration is now closed for this year's convention. Check back later for more information on registration for the next convention.

Hotel & Travel

Hotel & Travel Information Sheet

Rooms have been reserved at two area hotels, the Courtyard Marriott Daytona Beach for $100.13 per night, and the Residence Inn Marriott Daytona Beach Speedway/Airport for $133.88 per night. Be sure to reserve by March 9th to get these rates. These hotels offer a free shuttle to both the airport and ERAU. See the attachment for more details as well as other travel information.


Call For Papers     Call For Workshops

A significant feature of our national convention is presentations by student members of Kappa Mu Epsilon. The mathematical topic selected by each student should be of interest to the author and of such scope that it can be given adequate treatment in a timed oral presentation. Senior projects and seminar presentations have been a popular way for faculty to get students to investigate suitable topics. Student talks to be presented at the convention will be chosen prior to the convention on the basis of the materials submitted. At the convention, the Awards Committee will judge the selected talks on both content and presentation, and the top papers will receive an award.

Who may submit an abstract?

Any undergraduate member of Kappa Mu Epsilon may submit an abstract for consideration as a talk at the national convention. Presentations may be coauthored. Graduate students may submit an abstract for a talk, which will be considered if there is time on the schedule after undergraduates have been selected. Graduate students will not be considered for prizes.

Presentation topics

Presentations at the convention should discuss material understandable by undergraduate students. Abstracts that satisfy this criterion and which can be presented with reasonable completeness within the time allotted are preferred. Presentations may be original research by the student(s) or exposition of interesting but not widely known results. Presenters should always cite authors if presenting exposition of known results.

Presentation time limits

Presentations at the convention will be 15 to 20 minutes in length. Once the schedule has been set, we will notify speakers of the actual amount of time allowed for their presentations.

How to submit an abstract

Students who wish to make a presentation at the national convention should:
  1. Prepare an abstract of up to 500 words explaining the nature of the presentation and indicating the results.
  2. Complete the abstract cover page
  3. Send the abstract and cover page by email to the President-elect, address below.
  4. Have the student's project advisor send an email to the President-elect, certifying that the student is doing the work specified in the abstract and the advisor's belief that the student will have a fully prepared presentation by the time of the convention.
Please send the abstract, cover page, and advisor note by email no later than March 1, 2015 to Dr. Brian Hollenbeck at [email protected]

Selection of papers for presentation

From the abstracts submitted by undergraduate students, approximately twenty papers will be invited for presentations to be judged for awards at the convention. Graduate students and undergraduate students whose papers are not selected for judging may be offered the opportunity to present their papers at a parallel session of talks during the convention. The President-elect will notify all authors of the status of their submissions in early March.

Judging criteria include
  • Choice and originality of topic
  • Literature sources and references
  • Depth, significance, and correctness of content
  • Clarity and organization of materials
  • Adherence to the time constraints
  • Effective use of graphs and/or visual aids
  • Overall effect


Authors of the best presentations by undergraduates, as decided by the Awards Committee, will each receive a cash prize.


A presenter who has not prepared a formal written paper by the time of the convention is encouraged to do so soon after the convention, so that the paper can be submitted for possible publication in The Pentagon. Unless published elsewhere, papers prepared from the prize-winning presentations will be published in The Pentagon after any necessary revisions have been completed. All other papers will be considered for publication. The editor of The Pentagon will contact each author during or soon after the convention to review his or her presentation and discuss requirements for publication.

To have a paper considered for publication, prepare it as a Microsoft Word document or .tex file, and include it as an attachment to an email to the editor, Daniel Wisniewski, at [email protected] The electronic copy of the paper will be sent to a referee who will prepare an anonymous report. If the referee recommends publication and space is available, the paper will be published in one of the next several issues.
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