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Installation Report: New Jersey City University
(New Jersey Epsilon)

   The New Jersey Epsilon Chapter of Kappa Mu Epsilon was installed at 3pm on Monday, February 22, 2010, at a ceremony in the Student Union on the campus of New Jersey City University, Jersey City, New Jersey. The meeting was conducted by Karen Ivy. KME President Ron Wasserstein served as the Installing Officer. The charter members, Abiodun Banner, Salma Bouazoui, Asmaa Bouayad, Juliette Cabrera, Phil Carrillo, Cody Chin, Azza Eltawil, Walter Fedzina, Tracy Goycochea, Teresa Kalinowski, Elizabeth Manfrede, Peter Morin, Maria Quiamboa, Edwin Rivera, Christopher William and faculty members Deborah Bennett, Sandra Caravella, Zhixiong Chen, Yi Ding, Karen Ivy, Richard Riggs, Freda Robbins, and Beimnet Teclezghi , were initiated into the chapter. The first officers of New Jersey Epsilon, President Elizabeth Manfrede , Vice President Tracy Goycochea, Recording Secretary Phil Carrillo, Treasurer Cody Ching, Corresponding Secretary Beimnet Teclezghi, and Faculty Sponsor Yi Ding were installed. The initiates were welcomed by Dr. Barbara Feldman, Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences.

   About 30 people were in attendance. After the formal ceremonies, Wasserstein presented a talk entitled "What Probability and Forrest Gump Teach Us About the New Jersey Lottery."

   Pictured are the student inductees, plus corresponding secretary Beimnet Teclezghi (back row, third from left), Dean of Arts and Sciences Barbara Feldman (second row, farthest to the right), and KME President Ron Wasserstein (second row, third from the left).

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