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Kappa Mu Epsilon

National Mathematics Honor Society - Founded 1931

First things first, to become a Corresponding Secretary:
  1. You must be a faculty member;
  2. Your school must have a current KME chapter;
  3. Each school may only have one Corresponding Secretary.

Corresponding Secretary's responsibilities:
  1. Compile and send in initiation reports to the National Secretary;
  2. Correspond with the National Historian regarding chapter news and events;
  3. Distribute messages from the National Council to your school's KME chapter;
  4. Be a general liaison between the chapter and National Council.
Corresponding Secretaries will be assigned a username that is easy to remember. A password will also be issued, which can be changed after login. All requests are processed by the webmaster prior to account creation. New account creation may take a little time (a couple of days), but once the account has been created it can be accessed at any time. Accounts are not automatically generated to protect the information contained therein. You will be contacted at the email address you have provided when your account has been created, or if additional verification is necessary.

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